The Bug-out Bag

If fleeing Springfield due to a disaster of some kind, these five things would absolutely have to travel with me, as they are central to my life right now:

  1. My kids & hubby
  2. My dog
  3. At least one book
  4. My smart phone
  5. Guilt

Why guilt, you ask? My three indoor cats couldn’t possible travel, so I’d have to let them out of the house and hope they’d survive. Sometimes I think my life revolves around guilt. I go through life, knowing that there’s always something I could be doing better. I can never understand those folks that feel no guilt for their mediocre performances. Sigh.

Granted, number 3-4 are kind of ridiculous, but if I couldn’t read something, I think my brain would explode. The iPhone is an addiction, too. Surfing, looking up “important” information, obsessively checking my three email accounts… and when the power goes down, maybe I could make like Survivor Man and use the battery to make fire!

Just as an aside, we binge watched The Walking Dead on Netflix, and can’t wait to see last season’s episodes, due out this fall.

Wondering why I felt the need to write this? Check out my teaching blog post, Zombies Everywhere! to see how I plan to start the school year.



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