Coyote Stories

Do the First People hate a punster?

Impossible. They dig our smile

trenches deep.

Take my grandfather

Coyote always causing trouble.

Telling puns with his camera

(the bacon urinal was inspired),

Egbert the Engineer, the Akron Beacon called him.

He’d send in jokes, comments, photo puns,

a creator of memes before the Internet.

He’d tell us stories.

Like the time he stole

Great-Uncle Jess’s false teeth-

he hid them in the toilet tank.

Great-Uncle couldn’t eat corn for months,

till one day his toilet overflowed.

The toilet technician told him the news.

We always wondered if Great-Uncle ate corn

after that.

Or the time he hid the goat in

Great-Aunt Eloise’s hotel room at the reunion.

It ate the pillow cases right off the bed.

Or when he promised his

red faced grand daughter

boxing glove earrings for

blackening the left eye of her tormentor at school,

calling her “Bruiser Bauer”

till she wanted to scream.


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