Adding a furry woofas to the family

With three cats and two kids, you’d think I had enough to clean up after. But my husband has always wanted a dog, so this summer, I told him we should go for it. My two kids, nine and five, are old enough to have a more energetic pet, one that actually might like to play with them. As it was, only one cat had anything to do with either child.

So we looked in the newspaper. Nothing but pure bred dogs that cost upwards of $300. I decided–why not Craigslist? After searching for at least a week, I found the puppy for us. His name was Thor, and he was purported to be a Lab/Aussie mix. He was advertised as “free with a rehoming fee” and 12 weeks old. Good with kids and other animals. So I dragged my family to see him.

Picture a black and white bundle of energy, running between us and the rest of the neighborhood. We decided, we had to take him home. Rechristen Thorton (my husband liked that better), we took him home.

We have come to discover that he is a boxer/Lab mix, that he chases our cats (but doesn’t catch them), that he loves to tear holes in my son’s shirts, and that he is growing to the size of a giant. He spends his time in the upper level of our split level, with the cats hiding below in the laundry room. They scurry back through the cat door whenever he thrusts his head over the railing to see what they are doing.

But last night, my oldest cat decided to cautiously sneak up to my lap, while he was dead to the world on the floor. We snuggled for a little while, till Thorton woke up and got a good whiff. He didn’t chase her downstairs, but she ran away anyway.

So I ask you, my readers, any advise of how we can help our family adjust to adding a huge puppy to a cat pile?



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