Nano Poblano – Day 21: Oh yes, I went there

If a company wants great customers, they need to treat their customers fairly. Linda G. Hill deserves a new laptop from Geek Squad, because waiting over six months for a battery only to be told “oops, we got the wrong one, now wait some more” is reprehensible. Do the right thing, Geek Squad! And followers, please reblog her post–let’s follow Captain Poblano’s lead here!

How it should have gone:

Geek Squad Mike: How can I help you?

Me: I’ll start at the beginning, shall I? Here we go. In April, or maybe even March, I came in with my laptop because the battery was shutting the machine off at 70% power. You took it and you “fixed” it, but the battery was still fucked. So your manager promised me a new battery. Last week–yes, 7 or 8 months later–I finally got my new battery. I’d like to know if you can put it in for me. …oh wait! I can answer that question for you. NO! You can’t put my new battery in because you ordered the wrong one!

Geek Squad Mike: I have no idea which idiot ordered the wrong battery for you: here’s a new laptop, free of charge!

How it actually went:

Geek Squad Mike: How can I help you?


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