How I Met Your SSR Book

Do you like justice? Revenge? Then you’re in for a wild ride with me. And don’t expect our relationship to end anytime soon, because my sequel’s due out this January.

This is how I introduced our “Book Speed Dating” activity, a two day lesson that students will complete tomorrow. The book I described, Red Rising by Pierce Brown, is one that I plan to use for a “read aloud” on Fridays, starting in December. I asked students to create an OK Cupid profile (which since I’ve been married for 15 yrs, I have never used and must only imagine) for their silent reading book. Their mission? Find a profile picture for their book, write a description that personifies the book, and put a sticky note on a page of the book that might “hook” someone into reading it.

Tomorrow they’ll sort their books into genres and lay them out, profile and book, for others to speed date. Everyone will use this “rating” page to decide if they’d like to take one of those books home on a date. One minute to look at the cover and profile, one minute to read the sticky noted pages, and one minute to rate. Of course, I’m not suggesting they ditch their current squeeze and run away with this new honey, but if they rate their attraction, then maybe they’ll know who to ask out next.

Most of my students enthusiastically grabbed magazines, markers, glue, scissors, and went to town. One of my favorite introverts, however, barely looked up from his silent reading book. (Note that it’s one of my books I offer to students, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, book pimp strikes again!) When I sidled over to talk to him, he eyeballed me and laid it out–“This assignment is stupid. I’ll do a book report if I have to, but I’m not doing an OK Cupid profile.” I’m glad he set me straight.


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