Boondocks Remixed

First, some context. Among other things, I teach Media Literacy. My class has looked at still images, advertisements, and moving images. In anticipation of a television unit, I asked my students to tell me what shows they liked, so I could decide which episodes we might watch in class. Since my taste in shows is limited to what we can stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix, I knew what I liked wasn’t in line with what they liked. One student, tongue in cheek, suggested The Boondocks. 

I’d never seen it, so I went home and gave it a whir. If you’ve never seen it, it is an extremely irreverent in your face look at African Americans. Originally a comic strip, it is often voiced by famous African Americans, and is blisteringly sarcastic about rap culture, the “n” word, education in America, white privilege, and more. (See, Josh? I’m hooked on watching it now.) Needless to say, although I find it hilarious and uncomfortable all at the same time, there is almost no way I can show an entire episode in class.

But the theme song: the theme song is amazing. It’s beautiful poetry wrapped in a rap lyric. Here it is, below, in the Season 1 intro:

So in the spirit of #AprilBlogADay, and since I can’t get the lyrics out of my head, I’m going to try my own remix of this song.

Boondocks Remixed

Bright blues inspiration

lights the dark.

An inner visual has begun

a promise built,

a story sparked.

A stone solider son

who refused

the bullet for

the ballot box.



    1. I took some classes from Miami University, with the Ohio Writing Project. Students read a piece, and others listen in silence, “borrowing” words that resonate. Then they create something new, using only the words they recorded. I changed the parts of speech of a few words, but the idea is the same. Then students read the new pieces. It’s really empowering to hear which words others “borrow” in their new piece. Thanks for the compliment!


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