Posts I have no time to write

Since I’m still insanely busy, I am going to keep a list of all the ideas I’ve had, so I can write them later. Hopefully, I’ll get caught up with life and be able to write these soon.

  1. Running my first Twitter chat
  2. Lit circles w/Curriculet
  3. Gamify the English classroom
  4. My decision RE: remaining in the classroom


    1. Thanks for all the positive comments, Mark! I tried a blogging challenge, and it rekindled the flame. But then I moderated a week long slow chat on Twitter, and ran out of time to write.


      1. You took on too much, Beth. I kept seeing your posts showing up on my email notifications ever day after nothing for months, and I was wondering what got into you! Then I saw it was a challenge, and I read about the Twitter, and I noticed the wane … Too much!


      2. I just dislike being bored so much that I regularly overload my plate. All this social media doesn’t even touch my two part time jobs or my full time job.


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