An old flame recalled

We met at an all night diner, as he sipped his coffee and I, my weak Lipton tea from ancient ceramic mugs that still tasted of dust. The smell of cigarettes clung to his faded army jacket. As I watched him bleed navy blue cliffs onto the blank canvas that was his paper placemat, I smiled my approval. Around us, the murmur of lonely souls swelled around us. In our shared table, we were unique.

Later that night, as the gravid moon raised her eyebrows at our clasped hands, he offered me a ride home in his beat up, white Toyota Forerunner. I shrugged my way past wadded up poems and abandoned song lyrics to buckle up, cranking the window down in a futile attempt to avoid the oppressive perfume of his father’s cigarettes. Reaching past me, he slipped in a Hunters and Collectors tape and popped the clutch into gear.

Model text, to demonstrate how to create a new character, based on an amalgamation of two people from our past. Image represents initial list, written on the board in my classroom.


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