All Hallow’s Armor

Warm sticky fingers shower
spaulders on the darkened sidewalk.
I stoop to shove the
greaves and gauntlets into
pockets and plastic bags that
overflow with forbidden fare.
We walk miles, measured only by
the sound of sneakers slapping.
The breath of Boreas
snatches the sombrero
all midnight lace and impossible velvet
and tosses it into the coming
winter months.

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      1. Alice Keeler suggests shortening your Twitter handle, which is also my WordPress name. And since I love tech and my last name is Crawford…it kind of flows together. Hope all is well with you!


      2. I’ve moved up to fancy pants College Credit Composition, which means I’m a free adjunct for the community college. My students are all so quiet and compliant, I don’t know what to do with myself. : )


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