I am a high school teacher at Kenton Ridge High School in Springfield, Ohio. I teach all the electives for my department, including Creative Writing, Social Media, Media Literacy, and Science Fiction. As I am asking my Creative Writing students to write everyday, this blog is a model for them. I am always on the lookout for the next writing topic.



  1. Mrs. Crawford,

    For your creative writing class, a possible assignment:

    Put The Head in its next place. Past, present or future. Words only. No photo shopping.

    You pick your best, and it will be a guest post on markbialczak.com.

    Their reference:


    Nano Poblano, Team Pepper, Little Peppers! And I still can’t figure out who your bogger husband might be. You’ve stumped me, Mrs. Crawford.



    1. That sounds like lots of fun! We might wait till Nov. is over, since they are writing away w/o prompts right now. Stay tuned for Dec 1–I’ll have them tag it Nano Poblano!


      1. Yes, December would be most excellent for your students to take a swing at The Head … Non-violently … Oh, you know what I mean, Mrs. Crawford. Thanks for what you do, passing along the love of our language and writing. 🙂

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